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Cognitive Remediation Therapy

Happy Elderly Couple.

Have you noticed changes to your memory or cognition that are impacting your day-to-day life post injury or COVID-19? Cognitive therapy can help you compensate for and improve these abilities!

There are 6 domains of cognitive functioning (executive functioning, memory, social cognition, attention, language, visuospatial skills). Any or all of them can be impaired due to a brain injury, stroke, concussion, COVID-19 or dementia.

If you or your loved one are experiencing any difficulties in the areas of executive functioning, memory, social-cognition, attention, language, or visuospatial skills, a cognitive-communication evaluation is recommended. In-home services are recommended for select diagnoses.

Screenings & Assessments

Adolescent/Adult Autism Screening:

Have you or a loved one always believed you might be on the spectrum? Our screening process will provide insight into diagnosis and treatment options.

Speech/Language Evaluation:

A language assessment can identify problems with the understanding or use of language.

Cognitive-Communication Evaluation:

Identifies strengths and weakness in the cognitive areas (i.e. memory, attention, processing speed, comprehension, word-finding)

Dyslexia Evaluation: A number of skills related to reading are assessed, such as decoding, phonological awareness, and comprehension. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language concerns for school-aged children through geriatrics are addressed through screening and assessment to determine goals and objectives for treatment.


We are available for outside evaluations, consultations with schools, parents, and other treatment providers. 

Academic Support

If you feel your child needs support to access their academics and curriculum, speech and language therapy services focused on executive function, comprehension and time management will benefit their learning.

IEP Consult

Support is provided in navigating the educational process for your child with a disability, including but not limited to their services and Individualized Education Plan (IEP)


As a coach, we conduct one-on-one sessions for those with autism and special needs clients of all ages and abilities on social skills (e.g., friendship-building, dating, relationship maintenance, social safety, self-esteem, self-awareness, nonverbal language, and self-advocacy), independent living skills (e.g., budgeting, cooking, cleaning), executive functioning (time management, planning and prioritizing, making and keeping appointments), and college/career planning, transitioning, and development. For coaching, the first session will be assessment and getting to know each other. Each subsequent session following, a plan of action will be created and carried out until your goals are achieved and eventually surpassed. The goal is to teach you enough skills to continue the process on your own with little to no assistance in the future. 

Executive function coaching teaches individuals how to organize, plan, prioritize, manage time, maintain focus, self-assess, and study efficiently to achieve specific goals.

Career coaching will help with the job-seeking process and help  achieve professional goals.



Group therapy

Caregiver/Sibling Support Groups:

Caregiver support is necessary for those with a child, spouse, sibling or parent with a disability. Our groups offer some relief by providing resources, practical input and support for those feeling a similar burnout.

Adult Habilitation: 

Improve Socialization, Communication, Employment readiness skills, Health & lifestyle, Daily living skills, Self-determination​ in an intensive 6 week program.


Social Skills Groups:

Our groups provide a great opportunity for individuals with a variety of deficits and disabilities to socialize, form new relationships, and continue to grow and maintain social-communication skills!

Brain Injury Support Groups:

Groups for those suffering from a brain injury or concussion to learn to maintain and improve cognitive skills and connect in a group setting.

Teens/Adults on the Spectrum Community Outings:

Community outings include trips to:  movies, arcades, art & cooking classes, sporting events, bowling, lunches & dinners out, libraries and more!

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