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COGNITIVE REMEDIATION: Are you or your family member trying to maintain or improve daily living and cognitive skills (i.e. memory, attention, processing speed, organization) after a brain injury, concussion, COVID-19, Alzheimer's or Dementia? An online course with all the information you need from a licensed Speech Language Pathologist is coming to reclaim your life and function at your maximal level.

SCHOOL-AGED ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT: Is your child struggling with study skills, time management and executive function skills? An online course is coming with a step by step guide to maximize your child's academic improvement.

TRANSITIONING FROM SCHOOL TO LIFE – Crucial life skills for success including interviewing, finding employment, managing a schedule, time management, co-worker and dating relationships and more.


SOCIAL SKILLS FOR LIFE: Crucial social skills gone over in detail needed for friendships, relationships, employment and more.

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